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Downloadable and Printable Architectural Review Form (same as information below).

To preserve the aesthetic and architectural consistency of Kingswood, the Covenants require that any structural or design changes or modifications (including exterior repainting) or additions (including decks, porches, swimming pools, fences, or other structures) must receive prior approval from the KHA Board’s Architectural Review Committee.  Please allow up to two weeks for review after it is received. 

Please provide the following information:

The following information is required for submission:

1. Homeowner information
Name ___________________________
Address __________________________
Phone ___________________________
E-mail: ___________________________

2.  Plot Plan - Indicating foot print of house, property lines, existing easements, dimensions and location of proposed work. *If you need a plat plan of your property, please request one from the City of Carmel by following the instructions on this website

3.  Elevations - Provide exterior elevations of all sides of proposed additions, decks, etc.  Note materials and colors.

4.  Details - Provide any detail drawing that may be unique to the design indicated.  It is important for us to picture how it would look when completed, so supporting documents are required, such as photos of paint colors / fence samples / shingles / etc. or weblinks to photos.

Submit to architectural committee using one of the following methods:


Kingswood HOA
Attn:  Architectural Committee
PO Box 234
Carmel, IN 46082

*Please allow two (2) weeks for review of this submission. Work shall not begin until approval is received.  Any work started and not approved will be subject to removal at owner’s expense.

It is the intent of this committee to maintain the quality of our neighborhood for the best interest of everyone.  Each lot is unique and each request is reviewed individually.  If an application is denied, we will work with the homeowner to modify their design to make it acceptable.

In addition to approval through Architectural Review Committee, as of 1/1/2017, all fences built in Carmel require a permit from the City.  Permit information may be found here: Carmel, Indiana Fence Permit.  Please read this information before requesting fence approval. The HOA board cannot approve a fence in an easement; however, homeowners may request a waiver to put a fence in the easement from the City of Carmel.
Mailbox Information
Does your mailbox need to be replaced or repaired?  The provider for the approved mailbox is Otto's Streetscapes Solution, Greenwood, 317-886-4400 or toll free at 877-55 POSTS.
Need to touch-up or repaint the mailbox post?  Porter Paint, 210 W. Carmel Drive, has a custom formula for Kingswood mailbox posts.  Ask for "Kingswood Caparelli Beige". It is helpful to have the following quart formula, just in case.  You may also reach out to the boad to see if the board has any of the paint available.
Paint base: PP519-20XI
Formula: B-40, C-36, F-5+1/2, W-12.
*Add an extra shine and maintain the integrity of the color by using automobile paste wax and polish your mailbox.  You will be surprised at the difference it makes!




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