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Architectural Review Requests

*Please allow two (2) weeks for review of a request. Work shall not begin until approval is received.  Any work started and not approved may be subject to removal.  It is the intent of the architectural review committee (ARC) to maintain the quality of our neighborhood in the best interest of everyone.  Each lot is unique and each request is reviewed individually.  If an application is denied, we will work with the homeowner to modify their design to make it acceptable.

Step 1: Please complete the Architectural Review FormPlease be sure to include all applicable information outlined in the form such as permits, plats, colors, materials, and drawings.  Doing so will greatly expedite the process. ​​​​​To obtain a plat of your property, please request one from the City of Carmel by following the instructions on this website Request for public information - including plat of property.  

You may also find a the plats of all properties in Kingswood here: Kingswood Plot Maps.  The images are not large but may be helpful for viewing easements.

Step 2: You may submit it via email or via USPS.

If you are requesting a fence, you must have a permit:  As of January 1, 2017, all fences built in Carmel require a City of Carmel permit.  You may access the City’s fence permit information here:City of Carmel fence permit Please submit the permit from the City with the Architectural Review request.  Thank you!
Mailbox Repair, Replacement and Paint Information: 
  • For a new mailbox or post, your may contact Otto’s Streetscape Solutions 317-886-4400 or 877-55-POSTS. You may also purchase a post or mailbox from another source but it must be identical to the current post and/or mailbox.  
  • For mailbox post paint, please contact the board via or Porter Paints 210 West Carmel Drive.  Custom color “Kingswood Caperelli Beige” Base: PP519-20XI    Formula B-40,C-36,F-5+1/2, W-12
  • *For extra mailbox shine and to maintain integrity, you may wax and polish your mailbox with automobile paste wax.  It makes a big difference!
Kingswood Solar Panel Guidelines, please click this link: Solar Panel Guidelines



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